Registering for your first course

Assuming you've successfully completed your application and Quantitative Proficiency Test, you will be able to register yourself for the next available Financial Markets session. Note that you are required to successfully complete the full Orientation course before being able to register.

Registering for other courses

From the second course onwards, you must register for the next course in the program from within the course room of the preceding course. Please note that all courses must be completed one at a time and in the order set out in the WQU Catalog.

  1. If your preceding course is no longer available in the left sidebar menu, find the My Courses sidebar on the right of the home page or main course page. Click the course.

  2. Once in that course, select the Course Registrations item in the left sidebar menu.
  3. There you will find the registration option applicable to you; which is determined by the grade you achieved in your last course.
  4. Should you not have any options available to you, please reach out to the WQU Student Support team.

This image indicates the course registration steps explained above.